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for the au pair

You have decided for an au pair stay abroad. This will be a special year for you as cultural exchange is a great experience. At the same time, as an au pair you should make sure that you are covered for medical treatment and are well protected in case of emergency. With au pair insurance by CareMed you have comprehensive insurance coverage worldwide.

Host family commitments

In most countries your host family is obligated to take out health insurance, accident and liability insurance for you. Please discuss insurance options with them prior to your departure. Your travel insurance should start the day of your departure so that you are already covered during your trip.

Prior to your au pair year

Please contact your health insurance in your home country in order to discuss your insurance status during your au pair year abroad. In case of medical repatriation, CareMed will pay for the transportation costs to your home country. Further treatment costs should be paid by your health insurance at home.

Au pair insurance for your visa application

CareMed au pair insurance will be accepted for your visa application.

Au pair insurance: policy territory

  • Au pair insurance coverage is possible regardless of your home country or destination. Your CareMed insurance is valid worldwide. This way you don’t take any risks while traveling during the au pair year.
  • If the au pair insurance contract is concluded for a minimum period of one year, insurance coverage is also provided in the event of a temporary return to your home country (max. 6 weeks).

Au pair insurance: our benefits

  • In order to avoid costs your host family should purchase high quality insurance. CareMed au pair insurance has unlimited coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical treatments as well as medical repatriation.
  • Our insurance plan does not include a deductible.
  • You can choose between two tailor-made au pair insurance products: Au Pair Basic and Au Pair Profi. You can find detailed information under our online application.

Au pair insurance: our service

  • Especially when dealing with insurance matters it might be difficult for you to understand specifics in a foreign language. CareMed offers a multi-lingual 24-hour assistance so that au pair and host family are able to speak in their mother tongue in case of emergency.
  • Your CareMed team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding insurance protection. CareMed Au Pair Basic and Au Pair Profi are an excellent choice for your stay abroad as an au pair, summer au pair or demi-pair.

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