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Variety of au pair programs

Demi pair & summer au pair

You may choose from different au pair programs. Demi pair or summer au pair? In this case the au pair works less hours for the host family and has more time for her studies. Alternatively, you may stay as an au pair with your host family during the summer.

Demi pair

Demi pair (or demi au pair) is a variant of the regular au pair program. You will receive boarding and lodging as well as pocket money for child care and light housework duties. The difference is that you will only work part time as an au pair. This way you have more time for further education at a college or university. Pocket money will be less than for the regular au pair program, of course. Demi pair programs are very popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Advantages of the demi pair program

  • The combination of child care and intensive education has great advantages for your professional future. As a demi pair you can collect useful experiences for your later education. You can also check out if a certain field of study fulfills your expectations
  • A host family who employs a demi pair has older children going to school.
  • If you would like to avoid a mere study abroad year, a demi pair program will provide education abroad while your host family offers support. Being part of a family is a great advantage compared to study abroad or work & travel programs.

Summer au pair

As a summer au pair you will have about the same duties as a regular au pair. The main difference is the duration of the stay abroad. You will stay as an au pair with a family for one summer. You will take care of the children during their school break and you will most likely accompany your host family during their vacation.

Advantages of the summer au pair program

  • You may be a summer au pair during your summer break at college/universtiy. These programs are taking place between May and September each year.
  • The minimum period for a summer au pair program is usually 2-3 months.
  • It is a cost-saving possibility to improve your language skills without any delay in your studies.
  • You will have a great experience and summer abroad.


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