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Au Pair duties

during your stay abroad

Au pair duties and challenges can be as various as each single host family. During the au pair year taking care of children is always the central task. Otherwise au pair duties depend on the program (au pair, summer au pair, demi-pair), destination and age of the children. Each au pair year is unique.

Qualification for an au pair year

  • experience in child care (babysitting, internship at day care center or seminars for babysitting)
  • feel comfortable with kids and have fun taking care of children
  • age limits differ depending on host country (usually between 18 and 30 years old)
  • basic knowledge in the language of the host country is usually expected in order to work as an au pair
  • many host families also expect their au pair to have a driver license and at least some driving experience

Au pair regulations

  • au pair working hours depend on country of destination and the chosen program, usually between 25 and 45 hours/week
  • au pairs have board and lodging for free and receive an additional pocket money
  • days of paid vacation depend on the length of stay abroad
  • language courses are part of the au pair program. Note: There are also possibilities to combine an au pair stay abroad with further education by choosing a demi pair program.

Au pair duties

  • the focus during the au pair year is taking care of the host family’s children
  • tasks of an au pair can be variable depending on age of children (e.g. helping with home work, accompany to leisure and sport activities, play games, help to get dressed, taking care of babies and toddlers)
  • help with housework (e.g. cleaning up children’s rooms, help with cooking for children)

References after your au pair year abroad

After successfully finishing the au pair year, you will receive a certificate that you can add to future job applications. Work experience abroad is always valuable.

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