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Au pair insurance by CareMed
is the right choice for your au pair stay abroad

Our au pair insurance is especially adapted to the needs of au pairs and their host families abroad. For more than 20 years we are working in international youth exchange. We have developed a reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage for au pairs worldwide.

Insurance policy basics

  • unlimited medical coverage without deductible
  • au pair insurance from € 36,00/ US$ 56.90 per month
  • worldwide insurance coverage
  • age limit is 39 years (40. birthday)
  • insurance can be purchased by au pair or host family for a maximum of 3 years
  • insurance needs to be taken out prior to departure from your home country and for the entire stay abroad (exception: if you forgot about travel insurance, you may enroll within 31 days of departure)
  • if travel plans unexpectedly change while traveling, renewal requests are possible prior to expiration, but cannot be guaranteed (excluding pre-existing conditions from previous period)

Au pair insurance policy

The au pair insurance terms and conditions are provided in different languages. This way au pair and host family are well informed about benefits and limitations as well as how to submit a claim. Click on the applicable language flag, the document will open in a separate window.

Au pair health insurance

Overview of insurance benefits

(the complete benefits & exclusions can be found in our au pair insurance policy)

Travel health insurance Au Pair Basic Au Pair Profi

costs of out-patient treatment according to physicians' scale of charges
(treatments are refunded in the context of the local rates)

100% 100%
medically prescribed medicines and dressings 100% 100%
pregnancy check-ups and treatment 100% 100%
delivery - after a waiting period of 8 months 100% 100%
medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident 100% 100%
painkilling dental treatment at 100% per year up to € 250 € 750
restoring function of dentures at 50% per year up to € 1.000 € 1.500
dentures in case of accident up to - € 2.500
cost of in-patient treatment in a shared room 100% 100%
transportation to in-patient treatment 100% 100%
medically required rehabilitation measures 100% 100%
cost of patient's transportation home / medical repatriation
100% 100%
repatriation/funeral costs up to € 10.000 € 10.000
daily compensation starting the 6th day of in-patient treatment (max. 90 days) - € 10
cost of transportation for a relative (return journey) in event of in-patient treatment of the insured
- 100%

Au pair accident /third party liability insurance

Overview of insurance benefits

(the complete benefits & exclusions can be found in our au pair insurance policy)

Accident insurance  
sum insured:  
iin the event of death € 5.000
in case of invalidity € 40.000
for rescue costs € 2.500
progression in the event of complete invalidity 350%

Third party liability insurance
Lump sum cover:  
for personal injuries and damage to property € 2,5 Mio
damage to rented property € 25.000
loss of keys € 250
deportation costs (own share 10%, minimum of € 100) € 5.000

Offline application form for au pair insurance

Online enrolment for au pair insurance is easy & safe by selecting your choice of insurance below. Alternatively, you may print our application form. Please fill out the application form and send it back to us by mail, fax or e-mail (

Select your travel health insurance Monthly premium

€ 36,00 US$ 55.80
€ 43,00 US$ 66.65
You may add the following benefits to your insurance:
+ € 6,50 US$ 10.10

Monthly premium
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