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The choice of travel insurance for a long-term stay abroad is very important. Therefore you should think about needs and responsibilities of each party before the au pair year starts. Au pair and host family should discuss insurance possibilities and decide together for the right insurance plan.

Host family

In many countries the host family is obliged to take out insurance coverage for the au pair. Even if this does not apply for your country, you should help your au pair to find the right insurance. This way you can avoid unnecessary problems for your au pair and yourself. You will find further issues that you should consider here.

Au pair

When going abroad as an au pair you should make sure that you receive the right insurance coverage that protects you during your stay abroad. We collected important information on long-term travel insurance especially for au pairs. 

au pair insurance, accident & third party liability insurance
CareMed Au Pair insurance is perfect for our requirements; providing Health, Accident and Personal Liability cover while my daughter is working for three weeks as an Au Pair in France and also when she is on holiday and travelling worldwide...The online application process is simple and once purchased, your personalised documents are available online making them accessible worldwide for reference and claim purposes...
K.B., United Kingdom
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